Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just got back from my brief reunion with the hive-dwelling-chain-gang-cross-country-revue, and it was so awesome to see everybody again! Fred and I jammed out a couple more City Center shows, consumed way too much delicious Mexican food, fucked up sound systems, burped and then laughed at the burps, and tried to share a little love with the world. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! There may even be a video of one soon...!!

During our show in Grand Rapids, we managed to blow out the PA about three times (sorry!), plus step on the power cord and shut everything off at least once. At first it was frustrating, and we tried to rage through it, but then in a really awesome/surreal way, it flipped the whole vibe, and warm mellowness overcame us and the room and maybe even the whole street for a second. Check it:

no wait:

Totally unrelated, listening to more of Ian's new jams totally rocked my mind. One of his new lines is "I see progress in paint peeling, I see progress in leaky ceilings." Love that shit! It reminds me of the opening line to the book One-Dimensional Man:

A comfortable, smooth, reasonable, democratic unfreedom prevails in advanced industrial civilization, a token of technical progress.

Certainly a heavy thought. Progress vs. progress? Freedom vs. unfreedom? Shit son. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Chain and the Gang and the Hive Dwellers are on the road for another month, and you should go fucking see them!


The end. said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

more like a toke of technical progress

The Red Crown said...

Those songs are damn good!